Emerald Team

We are an Italian Indie game Development Team,
born in 2015, after many years of editorial experience in the videogames industry
(someone can know us as Founders of Vgnetwork.it)
and web programming.

We decided to start this amazing adventure for our desire to get involved in this reality,
a magic world rapidly expanding and with very great potential.

We started this adventure with the development of Blitz: Minigames, our first Emerald.


Foundation year


Years of programming experience


People in Team


Supported languages

Blitz: Minigames

Blitz: Minigames is a mobile game with distinctly features dedicated to multiplayer experience.

Players will compete against each other, from all over the world, in minigames that will test their skills.

Thanks to a smart mix of minigames, ranging from the use of memory to the computing abilities, the games will be testbeds for the contenders capacity and, once completed, the results of individual tests decreed who among them is the best.

Blitz: Minigames was developed in HTML5 and Javascript using Google Closure, the Framework created by Google for the development of their web apps, like Gmail, Maps, and each other.

You can found it on Play Store or on App Store or at our next public event!


Puzzle game


Online 1 vs 1


Android 5+
iOS 7.0+

Current status

Available on Android

Available on iOS

Next release date

Available on Android

Available on iOS

Release date

Jan 2018 on Android

March 2018 on iOS

The Emerald Team

Of course, create Emeralds requires people. That's who we are:

Edriano Cordara

Game Designer

Giacomo Brambilla

Game Developer

Luca Lodi

Graphic Designer

Veronica Menna


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